Bangkok is any metropolis in many ways. (Bangkok travel guide is start). This must first be said clearly. Because if you have established such an aesthetic or exotic city in your thoughts, you will be disappointed. There is no sign that you’re in a tropical city, other than the air conditioning boxes hung outside the buildings. A reinforced concrete city. It is even possible to say that it looks like any big city from a distance when you take out the smells of curry and Thai people on the street. Still, Bangkok is a must-have stop for folks who come to Thailand.

On the one hand, the plazas in the city center, the streets with lambs and wolves at night draw an image of Bangkok in your thoughts, while on the other hand, the enormous temples you will meet when you move away from the center, floating markets, shopping opportunities that make you lose yourself, super social backpacker neighborhoods will draw a different image.

Places to visit in Bangkok

Grand Palace

This magnificent palace complex, dated 1782, has been home to the Thai royal court, royal court and government for nearly 150 years. The palace continues to be the symbolic heart of the Kingdom of Thailand, with its war ministry and government offices within it.

Floating Markets

The characteristic of the sad bazaar is, as the name suggests, everything here floats on the river. Vendors sell tropical fruits and vegetables, fresh coconut water in tiny boats, or local food cooked on board. You also do your shopping by wandering in a boat.

China Town

Bangkok’s China Town is both a popular tourist spot and a paradise of alternative flavors for folks who can taste their mouths. 🙂 This 1 km strip adjacent to the Charoenkrung Road is very active both at night and during the day.

Khao San Road

If Bangkok is a city where the East greets the West, then Khao San Road is their meeting point. We can even call it a more collision point. Overlapping signs of all sorts of brands, from East to West, neon lights, colorful stalls and wheelbarrows …


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