You are pregnant, you are about to give birth and you want a real secret recipe, which shortens your birth, makes your labor more bearable and facilitates an easier birth?

Permission to feast

When you’re pregnant, it often leads to a bad conscience – food without regrets and counting calories. But it does not always have to be chocolate, ice and gummy bears (or whatever your pregnancy lusts are). How about enjoying a few delicious juicy Medjool dates every day and even paving the way for an easier birth? Sounds great, right?

Science has proved it: dates facilitate birth

Anyone who eats 6 dates daily from the 36th week of pregnancy, has an easier birth – this has been scientifically proven in two studies.

In the first study, the Jordanian University of Science and Technology reported in Irbid data from a total of 114 women. 69 of them had six dates daily from the 36th week of pregnancy and the remaining 45 women did not take any dates during the same phase. All women were similar in terms of maturity, age and parity, ie the number of previous births.

The demographic and pregnancy data of both groups were comparable. The results were confirmed in a second study in Iran in 2017.

These are the results of the study

·         Cervix dilated

In the women who ate six dates daily, the cervix was much widened when admitted in the delivery room: 3.52 cm compared to 2.02 cm in the control group.

·         Shorter labor time

Latzenzphase significantly shorter: those who consumed data, had an average of 8.5 hours of labor (0-10 cm opening of the cervix). Pregnant women without dates on average 15.1 hours of labor – almost twice as long. Unbelievable, is not it? Incidentally, I had 8 hours of labor at my first birth, only 5 hours of labor at the second birth.

·         No introduction

Spontaneous delivery instead of induction: In 96% of women who consumed dates, labor contractions started spontaneously and were not initiated. In the control group, this was only 79 percent.

·         Intact amniotic sac

In addition, women in this group had an intact amniotic sac in 83 percent of the cases. In the other group, there were only 60 percent, in which the amniotic sac had not burst before registration.

·         Labor drip

A drop of oxytocin also needed significantly less of the women who ate the dates: 28% compared to 47% from the other group.

·         Placenta released faster

Very few women in the date group (28%) need pitocin, a synthetic oxytocin, given after birth to accelerate the release of the placenta after birth. The control group needs 47%.

before birth eat

My midwife confirms it

These amazing results were confirmed by a second study as already written – here 182 first-time mothers were evaluated. And my midwife from the birthing center also told me that since they prescribe the pregnancy to the pregnant women, they can clearly feel that the births are easier, there are fewer complications, and the transfer rate to the hospital (for example, if the placenta does not detach would like) has dropped significantly.

Energy balls in preparation for a low-pain and easy birth

These energy balls are the tastiest I have ever eaten. In addition, the hemp seed should help that the birth pains are not so painful. In addition, they should help against the nausea in pregnancy and fatigue. The raw cocoa creates a better mood – and gives the energy balls the special taste. In the quantities you can see for yourself what you like the best. I combine the ingredients as follows:

  • Core 10 medjool dates (these are the tastiest ones) and place in water for 1 hour
  • 3 tablespoons hemp seed shells
  • 10 walnuts – 1 hour in water (of course you can also use almonds, Brazil nuts or cashews instead of walnuts)
  • 1 1/2 tbs of raw cocoa

Now mix everything in the high-performance mixer and form into small energy balls. Then store in the fridge again and enjoy!


Dates are a great way to prepare for birth. They prepare the uterus and cervix perfectly for childbirth. They cause more effective labor and affect the oxytocin receptors of the uterus. It speeds up the onset of uterine contractions and increases the ability of the uterine muscles to respond to oxytocin.

And even if the number of study participants is low, I’m personally convinced of the power of the dates. The consumption is no harm, because the dried fruit is not only sweet, but also very healthy.

You have not yet made a birth preparation course?

Because not only the right food, but also the mental preparation for the birth can make your way to a gentle and easy birth easier.


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