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Children and Dogs

Children and Dogs: What Parents Have to Consider

Dogs are great playmates and family animals. But again and again they become a danger: Every year, an estimated 30,000 to 50,000 bite injuries...
Color Hair - Health Effects

Color Hair – Health Effects

Hair dyes - especially chemical ones - have a very bad reputation. It is said that they cause cancer, and liver and kidney damage...

This really helps against snoring

When night falls, one hears it rattle in many German bedrooms at night. To the chagrin of all present persons. But how do these...
Smoking During Pregnancy

Smoking During Pregnancy: Danger To Unborn Life

Every woman is urged to stop smoking during pregnancy as early as possible, advises American neuroscientist Lise Eliot. Why pregnant women should not smoke...
bacteria lurk

Beware – here most bacteria lurk in the household

The toilet seat is the most common answer, because after all there are a lot of unpleasant shops in this place. Still, that's not...
nail care

10 Tips For Proper Nail Care

Many people look at their fellow human beings first on the hands and fingernails. It is all the more important to maintain your nails...

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apple cider vinegar for skin and hair

Apple Cider Vinegar – Tips for Skin and Hair

Apple cider vinegar is a cheap home remedy for the skin and hair. As a rinse, peeling or tonic the vinegar helps against pimples...