Wie Man Schlechte Gerüche In Einem Kühlschrank Entfernt: 6 Tricks Zum Leben

Das haben wir alle schon durchgemacht. Egal, ob Sie vergessen haben, den Salat wegzuwerfen, bevor Sie die Stadt für eine Woche verlassen, oder diese Gallone Milch einige Tage nach dem Verfallsdatum gehen lassen - schlechte Gerüche im Kühlschrank werden mit Sicherheit auftreten. Aber widerstehen Sie dem Drang, die Tür zuzuschlagen und vergessen Sie es einfach, denn das wird die Geruchssituation verschlimmern.

Wann Werden Unsanitäre Bedingungen Nicht Lebbar?

Das Wort "unhygienisch" wird häufig in alltäglichen Gesprächen verwendet. Schließlich haben wir alle schmutzige öffentliche Toiletten gesehen oder unsere Wäsche etwas länger gestapelt, als es sollte. Aber wann überschreitet eine Lebenssituation die Grenze von bloß schmutzig zu unsicher? Wie können Vermieter verhindern, dass ihre Einheiten unbewohnbar werden? Was ist Unsanitäre Lebensbedingungen? Die rechtliche Definition eines unhygienischen Lebenszustands...

Children and Dogs: What Parents Have to Consider

Children and Dogs

Dogs are great playmates and family animals. But again and again they become a danger: Every year, an estimated 30,000 to 50,000 bite injuries in Germany require medical treatment, and far more than half of those treated are children. Bite injuries in children are more serious than in adults because dogs tend to bite small children in the neck or head, especially...

Color Hair – Health Effects

Color Hair - Health Effects

Hair dyes - especially chemical ones - have a very bad reputation. It is said that they cause cancer, and liver and kidney damage are also mentioned. During pregnancy, hair coloring is even completely discouraged, as it is said to damage health. But what is it about these claims and what should you pay attention to when coloring your hair? You will...

What to do in the case of electrical accidents?

electrical accidents

Children are curious and of course they do not know that you can not put anything in the interesting socket with the two holes. You also do not know that electrical appliances should not come into contact with water. The curiosity and joy of experimentation of a child is therefore also an electrical device in the way, the plug was pulled out.

This really helps against snoring


When night falls, one hears it rattle in many German bedrooms at night. To the chagrin of all present persons. But how do these annoying sounds come about and what can be done about it? Is there THE remedy for snoring? When can snoring become dangerous? You'll find out all this in this post. And at the very end you will find...

That’s why you should eat 6 dates before birth

before birth eat

You are pregnant, you are about to give birth and you want a real secret recipe, which shortens your birth, makes your labor more bearable and facilitates an easier birth? Permission to feast When you're pregnant, it often leads to a bad conscience - food without regrets and counting calories. But it does not always have...

Smoking During Pregnancy: Danger To Unborn Life

Smoking During Pregnancy

Every woman is urged to stop smoking during pregnancy as early as possible, advises American neuroscientist Lise Eliot. Why pregnant women should not smoke or be exposed to secondhand smoke and the consequences of smoking during pregnancy for an unborn baby can be found here. Consequences of smoking in pregnancy Each dose of nicotine leads to...

Losing weight with over 100 kilograms

Losing weight

Strong overweight is becoming more common in our latitudes. Unfortunately, it has many negative health effects. Especially cardiovascular diseases and severe musculoskeletal wear are serious consequences. Many people over 100 kilograms have often tried to lose weight. For most, it just does not work. In addition, you have to consider other things, if you already have a very high weight.

Beware – here most bacteria lurk in the household

bacteria lurk

The toilet seat is the most common answer, because after all there are a lot of unpleasant shops in this place. Still, that's not the right answer. A much better playground for bacteria is the kitchen. Rather said the kitchen sponge, but also the sink is not to be underestimated - but we will come later. Crime Scene...