With a curling iron, you can style your hair as you wish. These amazing tools make your job really easy. You can organize your hair without difficulty. But does a curling iron break hair The curling iron is one of the most popular helpers in the bathroom. Within a short time and with little effort, it offers the opportunity to conjure up a dreamy curly mane from straight hair. For this, we work with heat. However, heat can become a problem for your hair – especially if it is already damaged.

What is the Influence of Heat on Hair Health?

The principle behind a curling iron is relatively simple the device is designed in such a way that, by using high temperatures, straight hair that is wrapped around the rod is given waves. However, it is precisely the heat that creates uncertainty. As you dry it, you are probably aware that the high temperatures can damage your hair. It is therefore recommended to only use the hair dryer on the lowest setting. With a curling iron, however, high temperatures are necessary to get an effective result. It is hardly possible to lower the temperatures here. However, you can already pay attention to the temperatures at which the device works when you buy it.

Basically, several factors play a role in the question of how harmful a curling iron is:

·         Hair structure

The hair structure is a particularly important point. Hair, which is by nature rather thin and prone to split ends, is very stressed by a curling iron. It is therefore all the more important to only use the device in exceptional cases and to give the hair sufficient time between uses to be able to regenerate.

·         Level of temperature

The level of temperature at the curling iron is the next factor to consider. Models in which the temperature can be regulated are particularly good. Modern curling irons score with temperature ranges from 150 to 200 degrees Celsius. The thicker and healthier the hair, the higher the temperatures can be. The use of devices that only reach one temperature becomes more difficult. When buying it, you should pay attention to the temperature at which the device works. If you have thin hair, it is best to buy a curling iron with the lowest possible temperatures.

·         Protective measures for the hair

You can protect your hair by taking various measures. You should only use the curling iron if your hair has been given heat protection. There are special sprays that are exactly suitable for this application. These protect the hair and prevent the heat from attacking the surface too much. It is also very important to note that the hair must not be damp when the curling iron is used. It is better to work on completely dry hair.

The frequency of use has an impact on the health of the hair. If your hair is very thick and strong, there is basically nothing wrong with using the curling iron more often. But here, too, an interval of a few days between applications is recommended. If you have very fine and fragile hair, the curling iron should not be used more than once a week.

Curling iron or straightening iron – which is more harmful?

There are always tips to make curls with a straightener rather than a curling iron. But here too the question arises as to what exactly is actually more harmful. The basis for both devices is the same The heat. Therefore, it can hardly be said that any of the devices is less harmful to hair. In fact, opinions differ when it comes to how the devices affect hair.

Proponents of the curling iron point out that the straightener is pulled tightly over the hair and thus attacks it particularly strongly. In addition, the straightening iron works the hair from two sides, the curling iron only from one side. However, it should also be considered that the curling iron, with its high temperature, stays in the hair longer than the straightening iron and therefore causes damage to the structure.

Regardless of which of the variants you want to use, the correct care of your hair is the most important basis for preventing split ends.


If you invest in a high-quality curling iron with which you can regulate the temperature and adapt it to the hair, this is already an important basis for ensuring that your hair is not attacked much. In combination with an optimal moisturizer you can protect your hair additionally.

Despite all this, you need to be extremely careful when using curling irons. The use of curling iron should be done carefully.


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