Strong overweight is becoming more common in our latitudes. Unfortunately, it has many negative health effects. Especially cardiovascular diseases and severe musculoskeletal wear are serious consequences.

Many people over 100 kilograms have often tried to lose weight. For most, it just does not work. In addition, you have to consider other things, if you already have a very high weight.

In this article you will learn what to look out for when losing weight if you have over 100 kilograms. You’ll learn the key factors for long-term weight loss and get tips on how to best apply them. Even with heavy obesity, it can succeed in getting rid of the excess kilos.


Many people who want to lose weight have tried it many times, but unfortunately have failed again and again. This is mostly due to the inner attitude. It will be easier for you with the right mindset.

The right attitude is the key to weight loss. Of course it is not always easy to stay on the ball, especially if there are a few kilos that have to go. The tips below will make it easier for you and you will certainly be able to reach your goal.

Losing weight

  • Do it for yourself

Keep reminding yourself that you are taking it down on yourself. For your health and well-being. You’re doing something good for yourself.

Of course you have to show discipline while losing weight and to do without certain things from time to time. But that will be easier if you realize that this is for your own good.

  • Set reasonable goals

For example, if you have to lose 35 kilos, that sounds like a big hurdle the first moment. It is important to set you small goals that you can reach in a timely manner.

So do not tell yourself: In 6 months, I take this 35 kilos off. Formulate your goals better in 5 kilo steps. So you have more of a sense of achievement and it is easier to stay on the ball.

You could also consider small rewards for each of these goals, such as a new sports shirt, a massage, or something similar.

  • Build meditation in your everyday life

Meditation is a very powerful tool that can be used to lose weight. On the one hand, it can help you visualize your goals better and really implement them. On the other hand, she relaxes, which is very conducive to losing weight.

For example, in quiet moments, take time to think about different situations in which you are already slim. What do you look like? How are you feeling? How are you buying new clothes, in the pool, in sports?

If you really think about the situation, it can give you a tremendous amount of motivation to achieve your goals.


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